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“Dear Jena and sonny, it was a month ago now that Kristin mills invited me to try “the pound” for my work out. thirty days later, I felt the need to share with you how much I appreciate having a facility like yours in Norwich. I have spent a lot of time and effort on physical health and well being over the last twenty-five to thirty years. it is a struggle sometimes to keep it interesting and challenging. the value I receive from the pound is your knowledge and experience, dedication to safety, hands-on support, and personal touch that is unmatched in our area. exercise and fitness can get boring easily and you can find yourself unchallenged at a certain point. I am grateful that you seem to know when to push because you know I am capable of more as well as when to say “you need more time, be patient”. the commitment to your clientele is the real difference for me. you seem to take all of your client's workouts personally which shows your intention is on point. intention over financial gain is huge for me and shows professionalism at the highest level. thank you for your commitment to fitness, too small business, and to Norwich. see you at the pound!”
-Sue Ryan

“I have been working out at the pound for about a year now and I love it here! The group training classes give me the motivation to work harder than I would on my own. Jena and sonny are amazing teachers that make you feel like family. I have noticed huge improvements in my strength and my confidence since joining and would recommend it to anyone looking!”


"The first time I joined the pound was over a year ago. my first impression was it's good but expensive. I went to a few classes but ended up going back to my old gym where it was cheaper and I was comfortable. I did the same routine,  saw the same faces, lacked motivation, and eventually just got bored.  so when the new year’s challenge was offered at the pound, I decided this was my chance to learn something new, get some motivation and give the pound a 2nd try. not only did I get more than expected, I saw great results, I learned more about myself, pushed my own limitations, have newfound confidence,  and met a great group of people I can now call my friends.  my point is you get what you pay for.  I still go back to my old gym from time to time, but I know they will never be the support group,  have the fitness knowledge, or give the individual care and attention that you can receive from Jenna and sonny at the pound. not only that, the bathroom has soap and toilet paper! but they also love dogs and support our community and local humane society! great place to work out and make new friends."
-Gwen Ketchum

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